We intend to promote a lifestyle that includes eating raw, primarily fruit.  A lifestyle that is minimal and easily sustained.

Predominantly you will find information here initially on the selection of plants we grow.  Mixed in will be brief bits of information regarding life practices and principles we apply and adhere to.  Ultimately this blog will be a segment of a larger presence we are working towards building.

We are actively involved in work to promote gathering of wild and/or abandoned fruits.  Exchanging and collecting unwanted or wasted residential grown foods.  We aim to expand the understanding of seed bombing beyond a novelty and into a common practice (as it would provide us all with abundant food.)

Eventually we will expand with a Youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.  These are all registered currently, but for now we are focusing our efforts by chronicling what commands our focus the most.  Currently that is growing an expanding inventory of plants, mostly fruit bearing.

We believe efforts should be about intentions and not about image or perceived benevolence.   Too many people, (especially in the raw health community) intend to place far too much focus on themselves as a pathway for information.  We wish to exclude ourselves as much as possible and place the focus on the information.  That’s where growth and inspiration is formed.. not through a person.

Thank you and if you are interested in asking us questions, becoming involved, or have other inquiries please email us thefruitnation@gmail.com