The Fruit Nation Festival will be a California based adventure.  We have many options and considerations currently.  Intentions are to make this event:

  • Flexible
  • Casual
  • Accessible

The Fruit Nation will likely hold a 3-7 day gathering event where all those interested will decide on a location and activities involved.

So far we have been leaning towards a camping excursion at either Yosemite, Tahoe or perhaps another California destination.

Through March & April we will form and finalize the plans for this event & discussion will be open for anyone involved.  Once we finish expanding the forums further, there will be a group forum available for The Fruit Nation Festival.

We intend this event to be 20-100 people and it will be malleable and open to any voice involved to suggest or modify how it is built.

If you would like to consider being a part of this west coast adventure, comment below or email  We will have the forums up shortly!

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