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This page will be updated with questions that are typical and frequently asked in the raw, fruitarian, vegan, and fruit grower community!  There is a LOT to add of course, so please be patient as we compile.

I am new to healthier eating, and I would like as much information as I can about options that are out there. What resources do you recommend?

We are picky in which resources we recommend because many health coaches on YouTube and the internet deliver misleading information. There is a lot of debate in the nutritional field on what is healthy to eat. We have found that people within fruitarian and low-fat (oil-free) vegan lifestyles do the best long-term in avoiding disease, maintaining weight, athletic performance, and overall mental and emotional vitality. We also like to help people steer clear of health personalities who hide their true intentions and seek to maintain their image rather than spread truth about what is healthy and direct people to helpful information. is a great place to start learning about high carb, low fat vegan lifestyles. Freelee the Banana Girl and Durianrider run 30BAD and also have their own YouTube channels. Some other people to check out on YouTube are: Dr. Douglas Graham, Michael Arnstein, Mike Vlasaty, Megan Elizabeth, FullyRaw Kristina, John Kohler, Chris Kendall, and Dr. John McDougall, among others. Check out an extended list of our recommendations, coming soon.

Why should I try a vegan or fruitarian diet? What are the benefits of eating this way?

There are many reasons you may have for trying a vegan or fruitarian diet, but we’ll stick to the health benefits for this answer. With the exception of typical detox symptoms, people on low fat vegan diets often find an undeniable energy that they had never experienced before. This can include feelings of relaxation, lightness, excitement, passion, love, joy, happiness, connection,.. good stuff.

With a fruitarian diet, all functions of the body improve. Digestion and elimination is easier. There is less mucus in all areas of the body, as well as less skin irritation. The body eventually finds a healthy weight and maintains it with less effort. A diet based in fruit also allows the blood to remain alkaline, which increases circulation to the muscles for easier workout recovery and blood flow to the sex organs. Are you starting to see the benefits now? 🙂

For an extended list of unexpected benefits of going fruitarian, stay tuned for a future blog post.

I see the value in a fruitarian diet, but I don’t think I can eat ONLY FRUIT.  What is another healthy low fat vegan diet option for me?

If going all in at once eating only fruit seems too much to you, there are always adjustments you can make to your own diet. One option that we particularly believe is a good start for budding vegans and fruitarian-minded folks is Freelee’s Raw Til 4 program. Essentially, it includes two fruit-based meals during the day for breakfast and lunch, and one low-fat (no oils), carb-based, cooked vegan meal at night, such as pasta (gluten-free), potatoes (regular or sweet), rice, or other grains.

The reason we recommend the Raw Til 4 program is that many people don’t have a problem eating two fruit meals during the day and feel great energy from it, but at night, they are used to having a full, heavy feeling after dinner which is hard to get from fruit. Many people deeply enjoy eating two fruit meals and one cooked meal, which is technically a mostly raw diet.

We do not think humans are made to live on only cooked starches, as there is little nutrition and it is dehydrating for the digestive system and body, but cooked carbs are a great option for low fat vegan eating.

Fresh food seems really expensive. Is a vegan or raw diet affordable?

In our experience, and many others, vegan and even fruitarian diets are very affordable, and well worth any extra cost in your budget. Processed vegan replacements can be a bit pricey, but there is no need to include these products in order to have a tasty, filling vegan meal. Cooked carb meals- pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains- are about the cheapest meals you can make.

Quality of fruit can range from different parts of the country and the world, but there is always a way to include cheap, sweet fruit in your diet. “Bad” discount fruit is typically the riper fruit, easier to eat and sweeter. Your grocery store or co-op may allow you to purchase fruit in bulk for a discount price. Wholesale dealers typically sell fruit for a cheaper price in large quantities, which is great for a fruitarian! In general, the nutrition to cost ratio in fruit is higher than in any other food, regardless of the price.

People used to eating ramen may find that they can still eat- vegan ramen!- on a budget. And eating whole fresh food is an investment in your health which will have you paying fewer hospital bills in the long haul of life.

My family does not eat the same way. How do I deal with eating around their meals and food?

Know off first and foremost, that you are probably having a good influence on your family in ways you don’t know, whether or not they seem open to the idea of a vegan or fruitarian diet. Just by seeing more fresh fruit around, you will strike a deep chord in their consciousness. Depending on how old you are, you can purchase food for yourself and share more with your family as they become more open to the idea of the diet, or if they want to try it too.

In terms of your own cravings or temptations with other food around the house, we suggest to always have fresh, sweet fruit (such as bananas, mangoes, any fruit that tastes sweet to you), sodium-based fruits (such as tomato, cucumbers, peppers), and occasional fatty fruits (avocados) on hand, on your counter, shelf, fruit box at all times. If cooked food is tempting, it probably means you haven’t had enough fruit yet! Anyone who’s eaten a large enough fruit meal knows that cooked food becomes the last thing you want to eat. Having enough food for yourself- and handsy, hungry family members- is key, which might mean frequent “fruit runs” to the grocery store or buying large amounts of fruit in bulk when you shop.

If you have a specific concern about your family dynamic, please feel free to post on the forums or contact us directly.