Here it is!  The page for all things related to horticulture, botany, & home gardening!

We will be educating and providing a community forum in how to successfully grow your own fruits in order to live a natural, fruitarian lifestyle.  We believe that everyone can start growing  food to their own capacity and with the living limitations and opportunities already at hand.  We’ll include different ideas in how to repurpose materials in order to make growing as affordable and environmentally-friendly as possible.

A large part of gardening we feel is becoming attuned to the details of the world around you, which includes developing compassion towards the living beings sharing space with you.  We recommend the use of vegan-based soils and growing amendments and encourage interaction with neighborly critters that is the most humane way possible.

There will be an ability for you to speak in the forum or contact us directly with respect to your specific growing qualms.  An index filled with information pertinent to specific fruit varieties will be in continual development as our own experiences and the knowledge you share with the community expands.