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Cashew Seeds, Blueberry Cuttings, Golden Kiwi, Pitaya

Blueberry Cuttings, Pink Lemonade Blueberry, Jubilee Blueberry, Misty Blueberry

Pink Lemonade, Jubilee, and Misty varieties

Earlier today we visited a member of a newly started gardening group in Sacramento.  He provided us with Blueberry (3 varieties seen left), Fig, Pomegranate cuttings.  He also gave us some delicious yellow cherry tomatoes that were grown in enriched soil, remarkable flavor (rock dust or azomite is your best ally for tomato flavor.)

Cashew seed, Viable Cashew, Sprouting Cashew, Germinating Cashew

“Viable” Cashew seeds from Vietnam.

Today the Cashew seeds we had ordered (and forgotten about) have arrived from Vietnam.  Looks to be about 10 of them and they are allegedly viable.  We researched prior to ordering them and made sure to watch videos of others successfully sprouting these, they seem like they will be a success.

Cashew seeds that you wish to sprout must be fresh and not processed like you will find for sale for consumption.  These seeds have been heat and/or chemically treated to remove them from their poisonous shell.  Even the cashews sold as ‘raw’ are not truly raw.  That is why these are still encased and also why we will need to be extra careful :)

Cashew Seed, Golden Kiwi Seed, Pitaya Seed, Dragonfruit Growing, Dragonfruit

Left to Right: Pitaya, Cashew, Golden Kiwi Seeds

Tomorrow we will sow the Pitaya, Cashew, and Golden Kiwi seeds.  Additional information about each will be updated as well as facts we find interesting about them.

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