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New Sowing, Pomegranate Seedling Transfer, & Mango!

Today was a busy day.  Cashews were planted, along with Golden Kiwi and Dragonfruit seeds.  We’ve chosen to use Dragonfruit when referring to this cactus, as this is what most readers would recognize it as.  It is also known as Pitaya/Pitahaya and is of the genus Hylocereus.  A lemon Verbena plant was purchased as well.  We read briefly that these aren’t grown from seed typically and my quick searches didn’t find much for seed sales, so we chose to buy a plant (looks likely from a cutting.)  We will do research later since we do not know -anything- on these, aside from that they smell and taste amazing (pineapple lime.)

Pomegranate Seedling, Pomegranate Tree, Pomegranate Bush, Pomegranate germinating

2 week old pomegranate seedlings about to get forked!

So today we finally made time to transplant some of the Pomegranate seedlings out of a tray we started.  These were started from wild pomegranate that we picked over the summer in the Sacramento area.  One night seeds from about 6 or so fruit were juiced and this ended up being a great method for cleaning the arils off the seeds.  After doing this we let them sit in water for about 3 days, flushing it each day to help break up the rest of the fiber that was attached.  We then fan dried them on the same foil pan seen to the left.  We bagged about 90% of them.. not sure how many ended up in this tray!  As they sprout, we will continue to transplant them.

Wild Pomegranate, Pomegranate, Pomegranate Fruit, Pomegranate Stock

About 200 of the 350 or so Pomegranates picked wild this summer

Fresh Pomegranate Juice, Raw Pomegranate Juice, All Natural Juice, Organic Pomegranate Juice

Fresh Pomegranate juice from juicer

After reading further on Dragonfruit , Golden Kiwi, and Cashew seeds we decided to plant these three.

Viable Cashew Seed, Cashew Germination

Viable Cashew seeds sunken (left) & potential duds floating (right)

The cashew seeds totaled 11, so we received one extra.  After letting the seeds soak in water for 10 minutes (viable test) the results were less than favorable..  6 out of 11 seeds floated.  We paid only $1+$5 shipping for these, so we are not too concerned about it.  As long as the 5 germinate, we should be good.  We may still contact the Ebay seller and inquire if they do a pre-float test, as they shouldn’t be sending out non-viable seeds.  If we have less than 5 germinate, we will certainly contact them for a replacement (unsure if we’d stand any luck.)

We planted the 5 seeds in a potting soil/coconut coir mix about 2 inches deep.  We have read that cashew require little fertilizing and tend to prefer or at least do well in sandy soils, but we have no sand available at the moment.  We’ve read germination can be anywhere from 3-12 days, so not much anticipation here.  We took the 6 floaters and wrapped them into a paper towel bag.  We have seen floating seeds germinate before, so with such a limited seed amount it is worth a shot.

Cactus Seedling Soil, Dragonfruit Soil, Seedling Soil

Soil blend (from Left) Castings, Crushed Lava Rock, Coconut Fiber

The Dragonfruit seeds we have read germinate very easily.  One Youtube video expressed concern with letting your seeds dry, but we doubt this will be an issue.  We made a mixed soil from worm castings, crushed lava rock, and coconut coir.  We placed this into a plastic pint container and sprinkled some Dragonfruit seeds on top.  After a fine mist to thoroughly soak them, off they go!  Updates will of course follow once more progress is or isn’t made.

The Golden Kiwi seeds we had some mixed feelings about.  We researched a bit and watched others videos who have germinated Kiwi and the information was quite a spectrum.  Things we couldn’t determine were:

  1. Is it absolutely necessary to cold stratify Kiwi seeds?
  2. If they aren’t stratified, how much will this impede germination rate/speed?
  3. Are only cold hardy varieties of Kiwi needing to be cold stratified?

So end result is we sprinkled some on top of some seedling mix (as well in a plastic pint container) and placed them off into the shade of our growing room to see what happens.  We also placed the remainder of my Golden Kiwi seeds into the refrigerator and we will remove them in 100 days to try as well for comparison.

Mango seedling, Mango Germination, Mango Tree, Mango USA

Mango seedling from a Florida grown fruit.

This is a mango seed we started in the last few weeks.  We are not really sure when this was, but we believe it’s about 3-4 weeks old.  It was showing no signs of germination, so we went delicately probing and found some tiny growth.  That was about 3 days ago and since it has grown about twice as much and greened up.

Typically you won’t have much luck germinating a store bought mango seed -unless- you find one grown in the USA.  Imported mango of all variety are steam bathed to 150F or more to kill off any infested eggs inside the mango or seed.  This effectively cooks the mango and sterilizes the seed.  We found this organic mango grown in Florida at a whole foods and got excited, because we knew it would likely germinate.  It has been a rare sight to see a mango for sale grown in America for us.  You will almost always find better flavor and quality in American grown mango for this reason, as the fruit hasn’t been cooked prior to you eating it.  They also ripen better and I’d imagine are better for you, as they stay in a raw state.

In the upcoming weeks we will write more on some of our other projects we plan to begin.  We went again today to a nearby stream area that we plan to modify with seed bombing and planting.  Some of the things that are planned to go here will be Pomegranate, Kiwi, Dragonfruit, Apple, Pear, Tomato, Melons, Grapes, Fig and more!

Have additional questions regarding the content of this post? Email us thefruitnation@gmail.com.  We are ALWAYS excited to share knowledge and learn what you’re up to!


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