PromotionsForaging Pineapple Guava Fruit, Feijoa Fruit

Key lime, Spearmint, Apple, Bubble Gum (yep!), Peanut, Pineapple, and incredibly fragrant..

..this is Pineapple Guava!

Foraging Pineapple Guava Fruit, Feijoa Fruit

Cluster of smaller more flavor concentrated Pineapple Guava

We had such a great turn out from the harvest of Pineapple Guava, we would like to share!  We’ve made quite a few friends very quickly over the last week & we want to make more.  We think it is important to educate and be transparent about information to change our world’s problems.  Too many people like to conceal, twist, fluff and simply lie to keep themselves as some sort of figurehead or supplier.

We have no interest in this! 🙂

This trade is for the first 20 people who agree to invite at least 50 people from their list to like our Facebook page @

We’d love if you invite your whole friends list (read below farther for bonus), but we understand if you don’t want to take the time for that much clicking.  If you invite just 50, be sure to think of who would find the most value in what we promote and share.

For doing this, we will send you a package of Pineapple Guava!  these are fresh, ripe and organic.  We will ship USPS priority, you pay the shipping of $5 for flat rate parcel.  This can be done through Paypal or possibly check or cash (talk with us about options.)  OR if you have something extra awesome you want to share with us, you are welcome to mail us directly in lieu of covering shipping costs.

Foraging Pineapple Guava Fruit, Feijoa Fruit

Inside a Pineapple Guava.. Yum!

If you care to donate extra to help cover our costs for supplies and expenses for our projects, we will gladly accept.  Feel no expectations and we do not require anything past paying shipping costs.

**Anyone who invites their entire friends list will receive a full care package from us complete with a very large blend of rare and popular seeds.**   This may include Pawpaw, persimmon, bamboo, lotus, tobacco, exotic flowers, pomegranate, heirloom tomato and so many more.  We will be super generous in the selection for you.

Not only can you try one of the most robust burst-in-your-mouth fruits, you also will end up with TONS of viable Pineapple Guava seeds as well.  Pineapple Guava plants are hardy to at least 15F, so a large majority of people should be able to grow this.  It grows in containers very well also, so plenty of versatility.

If you are interested, let us know! email or message us on Facebook at



  1. Keep up the great work. . .This is something you can truly be proud of. We all love your format and photography and your creativity. The homespun, low budget way of living appeals to sooooo many people out there today. . Tired of Target– Gushing over Goodwill!
    You are going to have a growing party of hits to your website — so I — as a fren — not a frenemy am going to step out on a limb here and cheer you on and want your OPEN HOUSE — GRAND OPENING to be a smash hit.
    I want you to bring em in and keep them coming back by doing some editorializing on the basis of the question: will a reader feel included or judged? The ones who feel you respect and accept them will come back. The ones who do not will not return. This is not my opinion, it is the way of enlightenment…but the example of the greatest communicators of the new enlightenment Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh.
    So here goes. . . .as I try to live this example of a communicator right now:
    You are going to draw them in (you never quite know who is on who’s friends list) so be careful that you make everyone who comes to your site feel welcome and leave with something that they won’t forget (in a positive way- lol) friends lists become in a way guests, referrals. You want to make sure the first time they visit your site will be the first of many more visits.
    From a perspective of someone who has a small friends list I would encourage you to shape the content so that it doesn’t primarily go the route of making distinctions and opinions & judgements between people — good/healthy vs. bad/unhealthy. I want the folks I know to feel they are a part of something bigger than what they have known and experienced before and not feel judged because they are not vegans or even vegetarians — but valued and seen as the people, eaters they will “become”.
    I would like folks in my friends list to advance their life in the right direction but many of them are — right now — not even close to seeing the advantages of a healthy diet — let alone understanding the ethical implications of their unhealthy diet.
    I don’t want them to be lost as folks on the far end of the healthiness spectrum. Most folks after all are yet to some degree meat eaters. Words like “prime-EVIL” is geared to vegetarians only. The content of the website must welcome meat eaters into the discussion at their level of consciousness — you may have been one of them at some point in your life.
    I am suggesting that you engineer your content — the great educators have all assessed their audiences — to make them feel included– without even a hint of derision. Deriding folks –making judgements, distinctions — from a Buddhist perspective to less enlightened folk is a Turkey Shoot. With visits from folks on other folks friends list you are educating a wide spectrum of guests — leave your blunder-bust in the closet. LOL
    Invite them into the discussion forum and hold them long enough to capture the positive aspect of what you are say. You want to be able to educate, hold and nurture along every potential customer, reader — not just Vegans. It is like teaching logarithms to a group of thirty ranging from pre-schoolers to post-graduate fellows — you will lose- even alienate a huge proportion of the attendees.
    On the other hand, gearing the content level to include much less conscious or enlightened folks would be analogous to having a session of geometric play-shapes to see who can create the most creative objects — everyone gets involved and it is still advancing a mathematics agenda. Make it a an open house atmosphere — a party where everyone gets a consciousness “door prize” and leaves a little better for the visit. Every reader is the next generation webmaster of the FruitNation2.
    Are you pandering, Watering down — not really. You are entering the ranks of the most honored and revered life changers out there!!!
    As educators — Ekhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh have learned how to “make it real” about what it is to be enlightened people without losing anybody thru offense — whether intended or not. This is where you become truly expert/ enlightened. I rather suspect as communicators it must be somewhat harder — even excruciating– as they select the format they use to educate a wider and wider audience. Far from using fluff or twisting things or avoiding the truth as you know it, I believe it is actually more difficult, challenging — and even maybe more enlightened — to select material that is effective and educational that does not offend a good part of your audience. (In writing this to you I am aware of this very goal. I done some marketing and communicating with folks in my life and I must sharpen my pencil as I selecting vocabulary and illustrations that might educate and hold my fellow traveller without being in any way acerbic or caustic. You — right here are as family/friends whom I hold dear — I want to communicate my perspective and truly being assured that I have not offended nor derided you as a result of this time writing to you. )
    You appear to be positioned with your communication and marketing abilities to grow this fairly rapidly — your “happening” promotion is fantastic –whoa!
    Watch out — you might just get what you ask for!!!
    As you bring em in — do what you can to also hold their attention for the “message” and keep them there feeling included, welcomed, and affirmed long enough that they look forward to sharing doughnuts and coffee with you afterwards.
    You may need to envision your readers as being the “people that they will become — right now”.
    This means that you must effectively — PAINFULLY –ignore the actual glaring and distressing differences between their attitudes and behaviors and your own– as you educate them about the potentials and advantages of healthy eating and living . .that ain’t easy, baby! HOW do you do this? Hey, I don’t know ,,.I am just enjoying the website and hope to stick around for the coffee and doughnuts! lol

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