Each year tens of thousands of lbs of fresh food goes wasted due to lack of knowledge, apathy or greater interest in poorer foods.  Unknown to most there is food growing wild in nearly all neighborhoods, parks, and forest areas.

We intend to educate and lead a fruit based foraging exchange to collect fruit from the wild, public lands and private so that it can be utilized and enjoyed properly by those who need and want the fruit.

This last summer and fall we collected well over 3,000 lbs of fruit.  Most of this fruit was foraged from wild growing plants, abandoned homestead /orchard land, and volunteer plants.  This included:

Apples, Italian Plums, Red Plums, Mirabelle plum, persimmons, blackberries, walnuts, pomegranate, almonds, bilberries, tomato, squash, figs, chestnuts, hazelnuts, grapes, thimbleberries, pears, pistachio, oranges, lemons, pomelo, mandarin, grapefruit, blueberries, peaches, madrona berries, and more!

Through 2014 we will be organizing, educating and leading an effort to let as little go to waste in our city area.  We also look to establish other groups wherever possible to make this a tradition, not an exception.

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