The Fruit Nation believes that there is a true crisis alive in our world. This crisis usually becomes associated incorrectly as people mix in half-truths and misguided intentions. Some believe we have a food crisis, a job crisis, a health crisis, a human rights crisis, and most certainly an animal rights crisis. The not so subtle irony to all this is that there is a very transparent crisis that enables all these.

A knowledge crisis.

Few of us react to reading this phrase anymore, though.  ‘A knowledge crisis’ evokes involvement of the self and personal growth.  To combat this, everyone must be involved.  When people feel they should get involved, they lose their intention of educating themselves and begin focusing back on the lesser issues like food, jobs, health, and rights.  Avoiding engagement and growth is far too easy as our individual ego prefers to speak from a foundation of idle observation and criticism.

The Fruit Nation wants to help change individuals intentions towards action instead of critical observation.  To accomplish this transformation we plan to offer free or low cost workshops on many important action based schools of thought.  Some of the workshops we are compiling:

  • Conscious Gardening
  • Fruitarian Lifestyle
    • Natural nutrition
    • Foraging & Natural Botany
    • Recipes & Preparation
  • Adaptive Re-purposing
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Sustainable Structure Building
Any page displaying this message is dynamic and will be expanded upon when time and resources allow. The visions included are large and require time to fully expand on and share. Thanks for checking back when interested and you should regularly find updates and growth to any pages marked as such.